Thursday, March 24, 2016

Introduction to Agile Alchemy - a trial run

My friend, fellow meditator and Agile software wizard, Stephen Starkey, and I are piloting a training program that combines meditation and Agile to help people be more present, better connected to the people and task at hand, and as a result, brilliant and productive.

This first run will be a series of five Thursday evenings, April 14 through May 12, 2016. We'll meet in the West Loop at the Chicago Shambhala Center.

This is a “beta” program. We are teaching something fresh, extending and combining elements we know well in a new way. We are looking for a small group of pioneers to join us in this exploration.

Introduction to Agile Alchemy

Agile Alchemy is for anyone who must collaborate with others to be successful. We take the world, full of chaos and change, and build on the natural strength and flexibility of mind, to fully engage with the present situation. Then we leverage that brilliance. We use the wisdom of the ages and modern times to work with complex situations with precision and grace.

Agile Alchemy teaches:

  • Meditation and contemplation practice as a basis for deeper awareness and opening to possibilities
  • Tools for personal and organizational growth in areas such as:
    • Process design and stewardship,
    • Conflict resolution,
    • Leadership, and
    • Change management
  • Simple and powerful techniques for creating and maintaining clarity, momentum, and adaptability.

This training program uses multiple perspectives:

  • The brain and individuals’ ability to think creatively,
  • Teams’ ability to deliver quality work, and
  • Organizations’ ability to set and achieve their goals.

Program registration at Chicago Shambhala.