Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Taking My Own Advice

Chief Enthusiasm Officer - Adviser, Facilitator, Coach 

I'm at HIMSS19 in Orlando, putting my notes on Twitter, handing out my overgrown business card, catching up with friends and seeing what resonates.

The conversations that matter, where there is a heart connection:
  1. How can I help? ... Stay curious, stay engaged, see what opens up.
  2. Change out my photo to one that show's me glowing with energy.
  3. The only now is this one! People want to be more "meditative" and need encouragement to acknowledge the times that their mind and body are synchronized, when they are in the present moment. It's not about a still mind, it's about being alive. Let's not make our expectations of nirvana blind us to the life we're actually living. ... I may take a month to dive deep into stillness, but that's not the only time or way to be present.
  4. Break through the false ceilings! Regulations get interpreted very literally. Providers and vendors do the minimum to stay out of trouble. ... Along the way, we've put in place some powerful technology. Time to build on that and achieve the game changing value that's embedded in it. 
  5. It's about people and culture. Let's focus on what's working, where we have teams delivering care and improving people's lives, where we have tech that is invisible in how well it performs.
  6. Getting value from data is a soapbox I keep jumping up on... Find the patterns that matter to direction action.
  7. Too much data is un-mediated and we're drowning in a sea of riches... Use people + process + technology to make sense of it. Not one of those alone. 
  8. The person (their medical record) can be the textbook on what's good for them. More than genomics, this is about each of us being our own normal, about the tech finding our patterns, about the person being clear about our own goals and desired outcomes, having the tech guide our care team.
  9.  ... The list keeps growing 😀

At the Core - Where is the energy naturally arising?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Clarify Mission & Vision
  • Build on Culture
  • Act Strategically
  • Adjust with Feedback
  • Deliver Results